Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A.I.T.A. Hall Of Fame: The Pretty Things

Seeing as the entirety of The Pretty Things' recorded output is quite easy to come by -- and their story well-documented -- I've instead uploaded The Fairies' scorching 1965 take on "Get Yourself Home," a song that The Pretties also recorded but never released in their original incarnation. The Fairies cut a mere three singles, and their drummer John Alder (aka Twink) eventually played drums with The Pretty Things on their SF Sorrow LP, as well as providing the massive beat behind The In-Crowd, Tomorrow (whose sole LP is a must-own psychedelic masterpiece), the Pink Fairies, and on occasion, Hawkwind. Twink also fronted The Rings, who released an early UK punk single ("I Wanna Be Free" Chiswick, 1977), and featured future members of The Adverts.

- The Fairies Discography -
"Don't Think Twice It's Alright" 45 (Decca, 1964)
"Get Yourself Home" 45 (HMV, 1965)
"I Don't Mind" 45 (HMV, 1965)

Download: "Get Yourself Home"
Read: The Vintage Years liner-notes by Greg Shaw
Buy: Norton Records' Pretty Things vinyl reissues
Buy: The Pretty Things/Philippe Debarge LP/CD

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