Wednesday, March 24, 2010

45 Revolutions: The Rings

"The Rings were formed by Twink (real name John Alder) veteran of many bands including Tomorrow and The Pink Fairies [as well as The Pretty Things and The Fairies]. While primarily a drummer he took on the role of front man in the band while Alan Lee Shaw played guitar and wrote the songs. Songs at the time included a mix of originals and Fairies numbers. Rod Latter played drums (later to join the Adverts). The band was completed by Dennis Stow on bass. A one off deal with Chiswick brought the excellent single "I Wanna Be Free" b/w "Automobile" in May 1977. The band played all the usual 'toilets' like the 100 Club and The Roxy." (Punk77)

In late '77, Twink was kicked out of The Rings and Alan Lee Shaw moved to vocals. The band renamed itself The Maniacs and issued the fantastic "Chelsea 1977" b/w "Ain't No Legend" 45 (United Artists)* and contributed two tracks to the Live At The Vortex LP before imploding. Shaw went onto play with The Physicals, Brian James Brains, The Hellions, Kristy MacColl, and The Damned.

Download: The Rings - I Wanna Be Free 45
Buy: The Chiswick Story double-CD

* To be featured in a future installment of 45 Revolutions.

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