Friday, July 31, 2009

The Visit

He decided it was a good day to visit with her. She was expecting him and opened the door with not the clenched hand of anger as per usual, but with a gentle, almost child-like caress. He stepped back — his legs were still sore — and took it all in. He felt confused, yet also felt like maple syrup between her fingers. Sweet enough to attract bees, but sticky and almost everlasting. The combination of those attributes almost made one think it was not the greatest of ideas, one of impulse rather than logic. Not the worst thing, really — sometimes playing it safe was no longer the name of her cat, nor danger the name of her dog. Security was the name of the game and that is what she deserved. So from then on her goal was focused and absolute. No longer was it about the straight path; the easy road. The time was now. Here. Right. Now...
© 2009 Lee Greenfeld

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