Friday, May 7, 2010

45 Revolutions: 4PK

"4PK was a temporarily-one off shoot of famous Dutch rockers Peter And His Rockets, who released Holland's first and foremost single "Kom Van Dat Dak Af" in 1959. A string of hits follwed: "Marijke," "De Hele Stad Is Gek En Dol," and "Jenny," selling tens of thousands of records. In 1965, Peter Koelewijn started production work (Q65's "You're The Victor"), renamed his band 4PK and started playing the weekends when he was not working in his studio. The band's Stones cover "As Tears Go By" became a mini-hit, but freakbeat insiders know that the band's finest hour is this exploding fuzz-guitar stomper. Being a promotional single for Crespa chips, it was not for sale in the shops — the only way to obtain the single was by cutting out two stars from a Crespa chips bag and paying 2,25 guilders. The regular price of a single back then was 4,50 guilders. Trainspotting note: On most copies of this single has been stamped: 'Technische School Hilversum' on the label, so many collectors assume that this school released the record." [author unknown]

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