Tuesday, September 21, 2010

45 Revolutions: The Killjoys

The Killjoys formed in late 1976 in Birmingham, England and originally featured Kevin Rowland on vocals, Ghislaine "Gem" Weston on bass, and Mark Philips on guitar — all of whom were previously in the band Lucy & The Lovers — with the addition of Lee "Joe 45" Burton on drums and Heather Tonge who handled backing vocals. (Later members included Keith Rimell, Bob Peach, and Kevin "Al" Archer.) The band released one scorching, snot-filled 45 on Raw Records in 1977, a track on the Raw Deal! compilation LP, two radio sessions, and a handful of demo tracks, before imploding.

[Post-Killjoys action: Rowland and Archer went on to form Dexys Midnight Runners, while Peach, Phillps and Weston formed Out Of Nowhere (later known as Luxhound Deluxe). When Luxhound Deluxe split-up, Weston joined Girlschool.]

(Bonus download: "At Night" from Raw Deal! LP)

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Stephanie Snot said...

Thanks for the awesome blog; been looking for this gem for a long time! Any chance of you posting more Raw Records rips, like the Lockjaw 45?