Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shadows And Reflections

Reginald "Reg" King
Rest In Peace

"Words are flitting around the Internet that Reggie King, the lead singer of one of my fave 60's bands The Action, has passed away. After lots of back and forths between my peeps and I on FaceBook Pete Watson's daughter Luann was kind enough to pop me a line telling me that it was confirmed by her dad that Reg had indeed passsed away from cancer and would be buried tomorrow." ... Story continues here: Reggie King R.I.P. (Anorak Thing)

"Not so well known, but highly regarded, singer Reginald "Reg" King passed away yesterday (or perhaps a couple weeks ago, depending who you ask), with no details shared beyond that he died from an "illness." King is best known as being the frontman for The Action, a proper Mod group from North London in the mid '60s." ... Story continues here: Reg King RIP (Line Out)

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wilthomer said...

Cheers brother! Thanks for the quote(s)!