Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just A Season

"Oh, I'm so high..." She shrugged. His state of mind no longer interested her; she had grown bored of his antics long ago. Things had changed. Summer turned into Fall, and the leaves changed their colors. We knew that meant they were dying. She slipped into a tiny dress, perhaps not appropriate for a funeral, but it complimented her nonetheless. Staring out the window she drifted to another time and place. She once knew how to smile. Smile with pride. That come hither feeling was always want by our side. Treat her carefully, fellas. Treat her with love and respect. At that moment a large, black bird flew from the trees, with an intent that the boy would turn out strong, like his father and wise like his granddad. But schooling wouldn't be enough. He would always be searching, like me.

© 2011 Lee Greenfeld

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