Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Faith And The Fury

"In the environment of the slum, the courage to display yourself is your only capital, and crime is the productive process which converts such capital to the modern powers of the world, ego and money."

"There was a period... when it looked as if graffiti would take over the world, when a movement which began as the expression of tropical peoples living in a monotonous iron-gray and dull brown brick environment, surrounded by asphalt, concrete, and clangor, had erupted biologically as though to save the sensuous flesh of their inheritance from a macadamization of the psyche, save the blank city wall of their unfed brain by painting the wall over with giant trees and petty plants of a tropical rain-forest, and like such a jungle, every plant large and small spoke to one another, lived in profusion and harmony of a forest."

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Quotes by Norman Mailer, from The Faith Of Graffiti

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