Thursday, March 22, 2012

45 Revolutions: The Little Roosters

"When Joe Strummer went to see The Little Roosters play at the Hope And Anchor in Islington, North London in 1979 it turned out thankfully to be on an evening of one of the band's most legendary and highly charged raucous barroom gigs ever." -James Duggon

The Little Roosters were founded and fronted by Gary Lammin, shortly after the break-up of his first legendary group, Cock Sparrer. (Steve Burgess and Steve Bruce of Sparrer were also to join the Roosters after the group's debut 45 on Pye in 1979.) The Roosters' excellent pub-rock meets glam-rock debut LP was released in France by Polydor in 1981, and was produced by super-fan Joe Strummer, who also plays piano on the LP. Legend has it that Strummer was paid for his production in dental work, rather than cash. 1981's "People Break Down" was the group's fourth, and final single.

( Bonus download: "I Need A Witness" * )

* From The Little Roosters' second 45 (Ami Records, 1980),
originally recorded and released by Cock Sparrer in 1978.

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