Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thread Of Time #4

For the forth installment of Thread Of Time, we at A.I.T.A. depart from the '60s and present the legendary Feel Lucky Punk?!!, a compilation of incredibly rare, late '70s and early '80s raw punk-rock singles from Australia and the States. Released in 1991, the now-classic Feel Lucky is on par with the best of the incredible Killed By Death series, in both the genius and stupidity departments, and includes classics from the likes of The Queers, Psycho Surgeons, The Mad, Nervous Eaters, Hillside Stranglers, The Lewd, Unnatural Axe, Freestone, and others. If you desire in-the-red, ham-fisted and knuckle-dragging songs about serial killers, dictators, veneral diseases, and general misanthropy, this one's for you.

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