Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Digging For Gold: Hollywood Brats

Hollywood Brats - Self-Titled (Cherry Red, 1980)

A real gem! The Hollywood Brats were a glam-era, pre-punk band from early 1970s. The band included Casino Steel (who later co-founded The Boys). The recordings, from winter of '73-'74, didn't come out until 1979 and 1980 on Cherry Red (reissued via Italy's Get Back in the early 2000s). Amazing guitar-fueled rock'n'roll in the NY Dolls tradition (the opening track has a Johnny Thunders riff for sure). A few songs were later re-recorded by The Boys for their first full length ("Sick On You" and 'Tumble With Me.") Essential.

Download: "Sick On You"

Digging For Gold is a new A.I.T.A. column by Tom Hyland, formerly of
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