Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No More Mister Nice Girl

Maggie Estep
Rest In Peace

"thank you i’m so grateful thank you i don’t know how i can convey how thankful i am i’m bending over with gratitude the sky is pouring itself down my throat because i’m wide open because i’m so glad i’m HAPPY i wasn’t always HAPPY in fact i used to be a miserable wretch but i realize this was an idiotic waste of time i climbed out of the morass of love gone wrong and the fact that this world is not a fair place i had to say ‘fuck it’ to suicide, self-obsession, perverse maudlinism and the acme of melancholy to hell with sticking my head in the oven i’m HAPPY i’m ridiculously vengefully HAPPY i’m ripped apart by sunshine i’m ecstatic i’m leaping i’m cutting off all my limbs i’m doing circus tricks with forks i’m breathing fire i’m a radiant asshole and i’m HAPPY i’ve got joy shooting from the roots of my hair down to my violent red toenails i’m HAPPY to be here to be alive to be here to be alive i’m here i’m alive and i’m HAPPY. thank you."

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