Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Other Sidewalk

The Superfine Dandelion's obscure self-titled 1967 album is an odd hybrid of country-rock, folk-rock, and psychedelia, with a hint of jug-band sounds a la The Lovin' Spoonful — straight out of Arizona, of all places! The real knock-outs are psychedelic tunes, like the trippy, sitar drone-filled "Ferris Wheel," the harder-edged "The Other Sidewalk" (both of which wouldn't sound that out of place on a volume of the British psychedelic compilation series Rubble), and "Crazy Town," which is in more of San Francisco, hippie/psych-vein. And then there are the country-rock/folk-rock numbers, like the Gene Clark/Byrds-y "My Place" and "Don't Try To Call Me," and the wonderful, must-hear "Shameful Lady," a song that could've been performed by the Flying Burrito Bros. Included on the now out-of-print, Sundazed CD reissue of the Mainstream album, is the previously unissued "Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head," a monster acid-rock ditty that is reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane highlighted with ripping guitar-work and punky vocals; alternate versions of two album cuts, and four songs — including a Pretty Things cover —by pre-SD band, The Mile Ends. All in all a challenging, eclectic, and ultimately rewarding album. [Trainspotting Note: Superfine Dandelion's Rick Anderson went onto to form The Tubes, of "She's A Beauty" fame!]

Download: "Shameful Lady"

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