Sunday, October 10, 2010

Keep A Light In The Window

Solomon Burke
Rest In Peace

"Solomon Burke, the larger-than-life "king of rock'n'soul," whose songs blended soul, gospel, country and r&b, died early Sunday at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport at age 70." ... story continues here: Solomon Burke Dead (Huffington Post)

"Burke had most of the standard accoutrements of the soul musician – a warm, throaty bass voice, numerous children by different women and a penchant for snacking on whole roasted chickens. But he also had more unexpected accomplishments: he was a doctor of mortuary science, and, still more surprisingly, was the bishop of an evangelical church with 40,000 adherents that had been founded by his grandmother after she dreamed of his birth 12 years before the event."... Story continues here: Solomon Burke (Telegraph UK)

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Download: "Maggie's Farm" (b-side)

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