Wednesday, November 10, 2010

45 Revolutions: The Purple Hearts

Formed in Brisbane in 1964 by vocalist Mick Hadley, lead guitarist Lobby Loyde, rhythm guitarist Fred Pickard, bassist Bob Dames, and drummer Adrian 'Red' Redmond (later replaced by Tony Cahill), The Purple Hearts* were the first band to bring the British r&b sound to Australian audiences, through their sizzling live performances and their ground-breaking 45s. In the publication The History of Australian Pop, author Ian McFarlaine quotes: "Pioneering Brisbane band the Purple Hearts issued a series of tough, incomparable rhythm and blues singles that remain classics of their type. The band's uncompromising approach to music making was unrivalled in its day."

Although the band were part of the Sunshine Records stable (which included Australia's top male teen idol Normie Rowe), The Purple Hearts were truly 1960s punks. Even their name — taken from the well-known slang term for a variety of amphetamine pills much favored by mods — was a brash and outrageous gesture.

(Contains the band's first two monster 45s)

(via the Wild About You site)

* Not to be confused with the late '70s UK mod
band of the same name, also A.I.T.A. favorites.


Wilthomer said...

Cool stuff! Lobby Loyde was one interesting guy!

nuddleable said...

great band, they should have had major hit with "you can't sit down" but it wasn't to be. Just listen tot he great guitar solo on this--gives you goosebumps and makes you wanna get up and boogie--well, at my age maybe just get up, ----