Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Can’t Help It If I’m Lucky

"He wore a very thin jacket, because image was all... I had a sweater on, plus I borrowed one of his big, bulky sweaters. On top of that I put on a coat. So I felt like an Italian sausage. Every time I look at that picture, I think I look fat." -Suze Rotolo, R.I.P.


Walt Campbell said...

This is my first visit to your site, which I found on Expecting Rain. Did you draw the banner? It's excellent. I think of Agamemnon coming to beg Achilles to go back out and fight. Is that right?

--Walt Campbell

Mr. Lee said...

Glad you came across the blog and hope you dig it... While you are spot-on in regards to what the banner portrays, I sadly cannot take credit for it; it's an old, public domain woodcut which really just fit what the blog was to be about... Cheers!