Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thread Of Time #1

There was a time when the only way to find elusive and obscure '60s tracks was via the world of underground LP compilations, lovingly compiled and released by die-hard vinyl collectors. (Or hunting and shelling out big bucks for original 45s.) This was all kick-started of course by the officially released, Lenny Kaye-compiled Nuggets, and followed by must-own comp series like Pebbles, Back From The Grave, Rubble, Mindrocker, Chocolate Soup For DiabeticsGarage Punk UnknownsIncredible Sound Show StoriesUgly ThingsTeenage Shutdown, Diggin' For Gold, Fading Yellow, and so on.

As time has moved forward, eBay, and boss reissue labels like Norton, Sundazed, and Crypt have made getting your '60s fix as easy as a click online... In honor of the days of "the hunt," A.I.T.A gives ya the first of our Thread Of Time flashback series, spotlighting long out-of-print, essential 1960s punk and psych compilations. Kicking things off is the all-killer, no-filler Tougher Than Stains, released in 1995 by "London Fog Records" (who may have also been responsible for the excellent Chosen Few comp series). As the title implies, this one is all snot, fuzz, and stomp, with nary a solo or forth chord in sight. It's also a real rarity in that many of the included tracks have still yet to see official reissue in any format... Dig in, and enjoy!

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Ralph said...

Great compilation Lee. Listening to it now.