Thursday, August 11, 2011

45 Revolutions: Lester Bangs

The "Let It Blurt" b/w "Live" 45 was rock journalist extraordinaire Lester Bangs' debut recording, released in 1979 by John Cale's short-lived Spy Records Ltd. On the two tracks — produced by Patti Smith Group drummer J.D. Daugherty and mixed by Cale — Lester is backed-up by members of the Voidoids, Raybeats, and Patti Smith Group, and the result is a really great two-sider of damaged art-punk, along the lines of the aforementioned Voidoids and Pere Ubu, with Lester's admittedly not-for-everyone vocals raging on-top.

Dig: The Right To Be Wrong (by Richard Hell)
Dig: Mentor. Editor. Lester (by Jeffrey Morgan)

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