Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Brother Gone

James "Dash" Costello
9/7/69 - 10/16/09
Rest In Peace

Recalling the good times, like singing "Summer Wind" at the top of our lungs in some dive bar in the city... Hanging out on the streets of upper Manhattan — or in the 14th Street tunnel — when we should've been in class... Goodbye, my friend.
Photo property of CHINO BYI


TricCuk said...

Yo, thought that was real important for you to put that up and let people know how you felt about it. Too many idiots talk on the internet without even having an understanding of what they are saying. Nobody can sit here and judge people, living or dead, especially not over a wire. Rip Dash- a Forest Hills legend.

HERE-ONE / MDC GIS said...

Has it really been a fucking year? Damn! James, you are still missed. Rest in peace, my man.