Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thread Of Time #2

In the first Thread Of Time (our compilation flashback series), we presented an all-American affair, while this time around we bring you a compilation of rarities from across the pond. The absolutely stellar Echoes From The Wilderness came out in 1998 on the Paranoid label — also responsible for the equally great Purple Pill Eaters and Voyage Through The Sugarcube comp LPs — and featured "Sixteen UK R&B Freakbeat Trippers." The only thing truly "trippy" about this compilation is the title; expect cut after cut of monster freakbeat and distinctly British r&b from a bunch of mostly go-nowhere, mid-'60s mod groups, the most well-know being Jimmy Winston & His Reflections (fronted by the ex-Small Faces organist), The Untamed (produced by great Shel Talmy), and The Herd, which launched the career of Peter Frampton. The compilation was released in a very limited-edition on vinyl (sans any liner-notes), and was later released on CD with an incomplete track-listing... A real must-own and essential listen for any connoisseur of 1960s sounds!

Dig: Echoes From The Wilderness (track-listing via 45cat)

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