Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thread Of Time #3

For the much-delayed third installment of Thread Of Time, we present Delincuentes, a compilation of lost, boss Latin American '60s sounds. Released back in 2001 by Martian Records (apparantly the same folks that gave us the Ils Sont Fous Ces Galois! series), the comp includes a few bands well-known to trans-world '60s addicts, like Peru's godlike Los Yorks and Los Saicos, along with lesser-knowns from the likes of Mexico, Columbia, Uruguay and Chilé. Sure, there's the usual clutch of cover versions included, but overall the quality on this one is top-flight all the way, with tons of fuzz, stomp, lustful vocals, and cheap swirling organ sounds. Highlights include "Ya Se," the Mexican punk classic by Los Ovnis, the psychotic "El Loco" by the aforementioned Los Yorks, the scorching "Lo Sue Sera" by Chilé's Los Beat 4, Los Yaki's "Las Estatuas De Marfil" (think Bob Seger and The Last Heard as filtered through a haze of mezcal), and Los Shains' dance-floor raver, "Shains A Go Go." Muy caliente!

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